Example of Standard Setup

Setup and Connections
Example of Standard Setup
Setting up the Screen
Position the projector perpendicular to the screen with all feet flat and level to achieve an optimal image.
The projector lens should be centered in the middle of the screen. If the horizontal line passing through the
lens center is not perpendicular to the screen, the image will be distorted, making viewing difficult.
For optimal image, position the screen so that it is not in direct sunlight or room light. Light falling directly on
the screen washes out the colors, making viewing difficult. Close the curtains and dim the lights when
setting up the screen in a sunny or bright room.
A polarizing screen cannot be used with this projector.
Standard Setup (Front Projection)
I Place the projector at the required distance from the screen
according to the desired picture size. (See page 
Side View
Top View
The distance from the screen to the projec-
tor may vary depending on the size of the
The default setting can be used, when plac-
ing the projector in front of the screen. If the
projected image is reversed or inverted, re-
adjust the setting to “Front” in “PRJ Mode”.
Place the projector so that the horizontal line
that passes through the center of the lens is
perpendicular to the screen.