Please read before operating your new Air Purifier, NOTE

     Please read before operating your new Air Purifier
The air purifier draws in room air from its air intake, lets the air pass through 
an Active Carbon Filter (deodorization filter) and a HEPA Filter (dust collec-
tion filter) inside of the unit, then discharges the air from its air outlet. The 
air purifier unit repeats this process by moving its internal fan.
As air passes through the HEPA filter if removes 99.97% of dust particles (as 
small as 0.3 microns.). The Active Carbon Filter gradually absorbs odour el-
ements as they repeatedly pass through the filter. 
Some odour ingredients absorbed by the filters may become separated and 
may be discharged through the air outlet and result in additional odour. De-
pending on the usage environment, especially when the product is used in 
a condition significantly more severe than household use, this odour may 
become strong in a shorter period than expected. 
If the odour persist the filters should be replaced.
Please purchase the optional replacement filter.
Removable by filters
pollen, mite allergen, viruses,
molds, dust, particles of 
cigarette smoke, pet dander
cigarette smoke odour,
household odour (toilet /
raw garbage / pet, etc.)
•  The air purifier is designed to remove air-suspended dust and odour, but not harmful gases (for 
example, carbon monoxide contained in cigarette smoke.) If the odour sources still exist, it cannot 
completely remove the odour. (for example, odours from construction materials and pet odours.)
•  It is suggested to open the window a bit when you are smoking in order to facilitate ventilation. 
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