Memory dialling

Memory dialling
Loudspeaking (Call Progress Monitor)
On-hook dialling
Automatic answering
Automatic dialling
Automatic clearing
Last number redial
Time break or Earth recall
Series connection of extension telephone(s)
Any other usage will invalidate the approval of the facsimile if as a result it then
ceases to comply with the standards against which approval was granted.
Series connection
When connected via series apparatus, difficulties may occasionally be experienced
when making calls to the PSTN and by both parties during telephone conversations.
If difficulties are experienced, contact the supplier or maintainer of the series
apparatus in the first instance.
While operation may be possible initially, changes to or modernisation of the
network taking place in the normal course of events may result in the facsimile
equipment being connected to a network service with which it was not designed to
be compatible. Failure of the facsimile / series apparatus to work under these
circumstances may not be the fault of the network operator.
The voltage drop introduced by your facsimile between the PSTN and the
associated apparatus at a current of 40mA d.c. is 2 volts, therefore no additional
series equipment may be connected.