Optional A M Connection Settings

Optional A.M. Connection Settings
If necessary, you can use the following settings to improve the
response of the answering machine connection to incoming calls.
Quiet Detect Time
This function causes the fax machine to take over the line and begin
reception if a certain duration of silence is detected after the answering
machine answers.
Time selections for the period of silence are 1 to 10 seconds. Quiet
Detect Time has been set to 4 seconds at the factory. This gives the
best performance with most answering machines; however, you may
need to adjust this setting depending on the disconnect time of your
answering machine.
Some answering machines may have unusually fast disconnect
times (equal to or very slightly less than 4 seconds), which means
that the answering machine may disconnect the line before fax
reception can begin. In this case, try a Quiet Detect Time setting
of about 3 seconds.
If the fax machine is interrupting callers before they can leave a
message, try a longer Quiet Detect Time setting. If your outgoing
message includes a period of silence, make sure that the setting is
longer than that period of silence, or re-record your outgoing
message to shorten the silence.
To change the Quiet Detect Time setting, reset Option Setting 11 as
explained in Chapter 8, Option Settings.
Note: Quiet Detect Time can be turned off by entering "00" for the time.
Note, however, that the fax machine will not be able to receive faxes sent
manually by Normal Dialling.
Activating the Answering Machine Hookup