Problems and Solutions

General print quality is poor.

It is important to select a paper that is
appropriate for the thermal transfer printer in
your fax. We recommend using laser quality
paper that has a very smooth finish. Copier
paper will work, but it sometimes tends to yield a
lighter print quality.
The received document is

Ask the other party to send higher contrast
documents. If the contrast is still too low, your
fax may have a problem. Print a report or make
a copy to check your fax’s printing ability.
Received images are

Noise on the telephone line may cause
distortion. Have the other party try sending the
document again.

The print head may be dirty. See 
Fax print head
in Chapter 10.

Make a copy of another document on your fax. If
the copy is also distorted, your fax may have a
problem. If the problem persists, call for service.
The quality of copies is poor
and/or black spots appear.

Any dirt or material on the scanning glass will
cause spots to appear on copies and
transmitted faxes. Clean the fax print head and
the scanning glass as explained in Chapter 10.
Reception/copying is

If reception or copying takes place continuously
for a long time, the print head may overheat.
Turn off the power and let it cool down.
A received document or
copy prints out in strips.

Make sure the operation panel and the printer
compartment cover under the operation panel
are completely closed (press down on both
sides of each). (To close the printer
compartment cover, grasp the top of the
operation panel and pull to open it, and then
press down on both sides of the printer
compartment cover.)
Problems and Solutions