INTRODUCTION, CAUTION, Caution to save memory contents

Thank you for your purchase. The OHP system is a system to display an image on the screen by
attaching it to an overhead projector. Please read and follow this operation manual carefully. In
addition, please read your overhead projector’s manual.
• The manufacturer is not responsible and provides no warranty for the malfunction,
problems, or other damages caused by misuse of this product and its accessories by you or
other third party.
• This product, including its accessories, are subject to change without notice for product
< Caution to save memory contents >
• The memory contents run the risk of being changed or cleared due to misuse of this
product by you or a third party, influences of powerful static electricity and electric noise,
malfunction, maintenance, or replacement of batteries.
• Be sure to write down any important information stored in memory.
• Replace the memory backup battery at least every 5 years.
• Do not remove both the operating and memory backup batteries at the same time.
When not using the overhead projection system or when carrying it, place it in its carrying
case as illustrated. It should be noted that the shape of your AC adaptor might differ from the
one shown in the illustration.
• Do not put it in the carrying case with hard or sharp objects. Doing so may cause damage
to the product. Moreover, make sure to put the hard cover on the OHP projection panel
• Do not drop, bump, or apply an excessive shock to the carrying case. Doing so may apply
an excessive force on the stored equipment and cause the equipment to break.
• The AC adaptor in the figures is
included in products for the U.S.A. and
Canada, and optional for other areas.