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Instructions in this manual describe the controls on the player. You can also use the controls on the remote if they have
the same or similar names as those on the player.
Dear Customers
We would like to thank you for purchasing this DVD/VCD/S-VCD/AUDIO CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3/JPEG/MPEG-4/
We strongly recommend that you carefully study the operating instructions before attempting to operate the unit and that
you note the listed safety precautions.
2) Official 
 Certified product
3, and 
 VOD video content ( in compliance with 
 Certified technical
3) PAL/NTSC playback (according to disc content)
4) User-friendly multilanguage OSD menu control
5) Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD)
6) DTS, Dolby Digital, LPCM audio, MPEG audio via coaxial and optical digital audio outputs.
7) Multiple Aspect Ratio support (16:9 Widescreen, 4:3 Letterbox, 4:3 PAN & SCAN)
8) Multi-Audio (up to 8) support
9) Multi-Subtitle (up to 32) support
10) Multi-Angle (up to 9) support
11) 8 level parental control
12) Fast forward and reverse in different speeds.
13) Smooth and seamless playback in 2x speed for DVD.
14) Slow motion playback in different speeds.
15) Frame by frame forward and backward playback
16) Time Search
17) Repeat (Disc, title, chapter, A-B)
18) Different play modes for Audio CD, MP3 and JPEG
19) Program function for Audio CD, MP3 and JPEG
20) Scart Connector
21) Progressive Scan Component Video output
22) S-Video output / Composite Video output
Manufactured under  license from Dolby Laboratories. “Dolby” and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby
“DTS” and “DTS Digital Out” are trademarks of Digital Theater Systems, Inc.
 DivX, DivX Certified, and associated logos are trademarks of DivXNetworks, Inc. and are used under license.