General Inf
n General
l Please ensure that the equipment is positioned in a well ventilated
area and ensure that there is at least 10 cm (4") of free space
along the sides, top and back of the equipment.
l Do not place anything on top of the unit.
l Do not expose the unit to moisture, to temperatures higher than
60°C (140°F) or to extremely low temperatures.
l If your system does not work properly, disconnect the AC power
lead from the wall socket. Plug the AC power lead back in, and
then turn on your system.
l No naked flame sources, such as lighted candles, should be
placed on the apparatus.
l Attention should be drawn to the environmental aspects of battery
l This apparatus is designed for use in moderate climate.
l This unit should only be used within the range of 5°C - 35°C (41°F-
The voltage used must be the same as that specified on this unit. Us-
ing this product with a higher voltage other than that which is speci-
fied is dangerous and may result in a fire or other type of accident
causing damage. SHARP will not be held responsible for any dam-
age resulting from use of this unit with a voltage other than that which
is specified.
n Volume control
The sound level at a given volume setting depends on speaker effi-
ciency, location, and various other factors. It is advisable to avoid ex-
posure to high volume levels, which occurs whilst turning the unit on
with the volume control setting up high, or whilst continually listening
at high volumes.
l Use the unit on a firm, level surface free from 
l Keep the unit away from direct sunlight, 
strong magnetic fields, excessive dust, 
humidity and electronic/electrical equip-
ment (home computers, facsimiles, etc.) 
which generate electrical noise.
l In case of an electrical storm, unplug the 
unit for safety.
10 cm (4")
10 cm (4")
10 cm (4")
10 cm (4")
l Hold the AC power plug by the head when 
removing it from the wall socket, as pulling 
the lead can damage internal wires.
l Do not remove the outer cover, as this 
may result in electric shock. Refer inter-
nal service to your local SHARP service 
l The ventilation should not be impeded by 
covering the ventilation openings with 
items, such as newspapers, tablecloths, 
curtains, etc.