In order to prevent electrical shocks and fires ensure that the

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In order to prevent electrical shocks and fires, ensure that the
television is not subjected to splashes or spills of water, and
avoid inserting objects or pouring any type of liquid into the
To  prevent  fire,  never  place  any  type  of  candle  or  naked
flames on the top or near the TV set.
If  an  object  or  liquid  enters  the  set,  disconnect  the  mains
supply and contact technical service.
Wall or shelf mounting should follow the manufacturerÂ’s in-
structions, and should use a mounting kit approved by the
Do place the TV set onto an even stand, table or track which
size is bigger than the TV set.
If the TV set is put onto a smaller size or uneven stand, table
or track may cause the TV cabinet distort. Do not put or in-
sert anything between TV set and the stand, table or track.
The tube of your TV has a special coating. Do not knock or
rub on the tube face with sharp or hard surfaces, otherwise
you will damage the coating.
To prevent damaging the surface of the television screen, re-
move finger prints only with a soft cloth dampened with glass
cleaner. Do not use any abrasive cleaners.
Do not use thinner, benzene or other strong chemical clean-
Any intervention contrary to regulations, in particular, any
modification of high voltage or a replacement of the pic-
ture tube may lead to an increased concentration of
x-rays. Any television modified in this way no longer com-
plies with license and must not be operated.
Instructions for waste disposal:
Packaging and packaging aids are recyclable and should
principally be recycled. Packaging materials, such as foil
bag, must be kept away from children.Batteries, including
tho  se  which  are  heavy  metal-free,  should  not  be  dis-
posed of with household waste. Please dispose of used
batteries in an environmentally sound manner.
Find out about the legal regulations which apply in your
CAUTION: For environmental and safety reasons, it is recommended that this television set is not left in stand-
by mode  whilst not in use. Switch it off using the main switch. During periods of absence from home
it is also wise  to disconnect the set by unplugging the mains plug.