This camcorder is designed exclusively for 
use with the high-capacity built-in flash 
memory 16GB (SMX-C24 only) and an 
external memory card. 
This camcorder records video in H.264/
AVC (MPEG4 part 10/Advanced Video 
Coding) format compliant with the 
Standard resolution (SD-VIDEO) format.
Please note that this camcorder is not 
compatible with other digital video formats.
Before recording important video, make a 
trial recording.
-     Play back your trial recording to make sure 
the video and audio have been recorded 
The recorded contents cannot be  
compensated for:
-     Samsung cannot compensate for any 
damages caused when recording is not 
made normally or recorded contents 
cannot be played back because of a de-
fect in the camcorder or memory card. 
Also, Samsung cannot be held respon-
sible for your recorded video and audio.
-     Recorded contents may be lost due to 
an error when handling this camcorder or 
memory card, etc. Samsung shall not be 
held responsible for the loss of recorded 
contents, and cannot compensate for any 
Make a backup of important recorded data.
-      Protect your important recorded data by 
copying the files to a PC. We recommend 
copying the data to your PC or other 
recording media for storage. Refer to the 
software installation and USB connection 
Copyright: Please note that this camcorder 
is intended for consumer use only.
-      Data recorded on a card in this camcorder 
from other digital/analogue media or 
devices is protected by the copyright act 
and cannot be used without permission of 
the copyright owner except for personal 
enjoyment. Even if you record an event 
such as a show, performance or exhibition 
for personal enjoyment, it is strongly 
recommended that you obtain permission 
Handle the liquid crystal display (LCD) with 
-      The LCD is a very delicate display device: 
Do not press its surface with excessive 
force, hit it or prick it with a sharp object.
-      If you push the LCD surface, display 
unevenness may occur. If unevenness does 
not disappear, turn the camcorder off, wait 
for a few moments, and then turn it on again.
-      Do not place the camcorder with the open 
LCD screen down.
-      Close the LCD monitor when not using the 
Liquid crystal display:
-      The LCD screen is a product of high 
precision technology. Out of the total 
pixels (approx. 230,000 pixels of an LCD 
monitor ), 0.01% or less pixels may be out 
(black dots) or may remain lit as coloured 
dots (red, blue, and green). This shows the 
limitations of the current technology, and 
does not indicate a fault that will interfere 
with recording.
-      The LCD screen will be slightly dimmer 
than usual when the camcorder is at low 
temperature, as in cold areas, or right after 
the power is turned on. Normal brightness 
will be restored when the temperature 
inside the camcorder rises. Note that this 
will have no effect on the image in a storage 
media, so there is no cause for concern.
Hold the camcorder correctly:
-      Do not hold the camcorder by the LCD 
monitor when lifting it: the LCD monitor 
could detach and the camcorder may fall.
Before using this camcorder
Important notes
Important information on use