You can record a long scene in short intervals. 
Record artistic, documentary videos including the passage 
of clouds, blooming fl owers etc. Use this function to 
make share videos, educational programmes or for other 
The memory camcorder’s external memory slot accepts high capacity SDHC cards. 
In addition to this slot, the memory camcorder has a built-in high capacity fl ash memory that 
allows you to record videos (or photos). Play and transfer videos quickly and easily using the 
memory type of your choice.
This camcorder is designed for comfort when making long recordings. 
With this ergonomic design, you can shoot subjects comfortably from 
any position. 
The built-in editing software Intelli-studio installs directly from this camcorder to your PC,
 when you simply connect your camcorder to a PC via USB cable. Intelli-studio also allows 
direct uploading of your contents to YouTube or Flickr and Facebook.
Sharing the contents with your friends is simpler than ever before.
This method uses the software built in your camcorder to upload your recordings to the website 
such as the YouTube with a simple operation. 
Time Lapse Recording Catches the Moment
Twice the memory options 16GB (SMX-C24 only)
Comfortable, Ergonomic Design
Direct upload of your videos to the Web!
Direct Uploading Your Recordings with easy Sharing button