key features of your memory camcorder
Samsung memory camcorder utilises a 2.7-inch 230k pixel Widescreen LCD which allows 
bright and clear monitoring. In addition, the LCD Enhancer adjusts colour and brightness to the 
screen lighting conditions for better monitoring under strong sunlight.
In Smart Auto mode, you can record more easily and 
conveniently in high quality, without having to set recording 
mode individually according to the recording situation.
Latest video compression technology, H.264, uses a high compression rate to sharply increase 
the recordable time with the same size storage. 
The Samsung memory camcorder has 3DNR (3-dimensional noise reduction), high-sensitivity 
colour expression (intelligent colour expression), High performance Anti-Shake (Hyper DIS), 
and automatic face detection features.
This function captures 16 still images arbitrarily from the 
selected video and saves them into the storage media. 
It presents a quick overview of your video, helping 
you to understand the overall topic.
This function provides the preview of storyboard to be printed, 
which gives you digest of the recorded video without viewing 
the whole sequence of it.
High-resolution Colour Widescreen LCD (2.7” WIDE TFT LCD)
Shooting Custom Scenes
H.264/AVC (MPEG4 part 10/Advanced Video Coding) Encoding
High quality image through Mobile DNIe
Make a digest of your video with Storyboard printing!
Make all your recordings with a simple iVIEW button!