Samsung SC-DX200, SC-DX205 User Manual

card mode recording playback

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•  This function is available in CARD Video Play mode. page 26
•  You can switch to the Play (
) mode by pressing the MODE button.
•  You can find a desired video quickly by using thumbnail index views.
•  Use the playback-related buttons on the remote control. page 18
1.  Slide the POWER switch downwards to turn on the power and open the LCD screen.
•  Set the Storage mode switch to CARD.
Setting the Play Mode menu is available in thumbnail view only.
•  Adjust the brightness or color of the LCD screen. page 95
2.  Press the MODE button to select the Play (
) mode.
3.  Set the Play Mode to Video.
•  Press the MENU button. Use the Joystick to select “Play Mode”  “Video.”
Setting the Play Mode menu is available in thumbnail view only.
•  The thumbnail index view appears. The thumbnail highlight is on the latest created or 
played file.
4.  Use the Joystick to select a desired video clip, and then press the Joystick.
•  The selected video clip fills the screen and is played automatically.
•  The playback shortcut menu is displayed for awhile.
•  You can playback the selected video in various ways. pages 46~47
•  To stop playback and return to the thumbnail index view, move the Joystick down.
•  You can control the volume by using the zoom lever during playback. page 46
•  Press 
(Display/LCD enhancer) button to toggle the OSD (On Screen Display) function on and off.
•  Depending on the amount of data to be played back, it may take some time for the playback images to 
•  Videos edited on a computer may not be displayed on this DVD camcorder.
•  Videos recorded on another camcorder may not be played on this DVD camcorder.
card mode: recording/playback 
(SC-DX205 only)