Samsung SC-DX200, SC-DX205 User Manual

disc mode disc management

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disc mode: disc management
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-R -R DL
•  This function is available in DISC Record/DISC Play mode.
•  To play the contents of a DVD-RW/-R/-R DL on other DVD players/recorders/drives, you must 
finalize the disc.
When finalizing, there should be enough power in the batteries. If the AC power adaptor is 
to be used, make sure that the jack is properly connected. A power cut during finalizing may 
disrupt the disc from replaying.
1.  Slide the POWER switch downwards to turn on the power. page 26
2.  Set the Storage mode switch to DISC. (SC-DX205 only) page 38
3.  Press the MENU button, then move the Joystick right or left to select “Settings.”
4.  Move the Joystick up or down to select “Disc Finalize,” and then press the Joystick.
•  You can simply finalize the disc using the FINALIZE button on the DVD camcorder.
5.  The message “DVD needs to be finalized for use in other DVD players or recorders.
No additional recording is possible after finalizing.” will appear.
Move the Joystick right or left to select “Next,” then press the Joystick.
•  Disc information will appear.
6.  Move the Joystick right or left to select “Execute,” and then press the Joystick.
•  The message “Finalize the disc?” appears.
7.  Move the Joystick right or left to select “Yes,” then press the Joystick.
•  The message showing that the disc is being finalized will appear.
During finalizing, do not cause impact or vibration to your DVD camcorder.
This could cause a malfunction.
•  The finalize function is not available if the battery level is less than (
•  “Disc Finalize” menu item is grayed out when there is no recorded data on the disc.
•  Once finalized, the videos or a playlist in the disc cannot be deleted or edited.
•  Time required for finalizing may differ by disc type.
•  Refer to page 8 for finalized disc compatibility.
•  Playback is not guaranteed in all DVD players/recorders/drives. For compatibility details, refer 
to your DVD players/recorders/drives owner’s manual.
•  Once the DVD-R/-R DL disc is finalized, you cannot re-record it in the DVD camcorder.
•  You cannot make an additional recording on a DVD-RW disc without unfinalizing it after it is 
0:20:00[10 Min]
Disc Finalize
Disc Unfinalize
Disc Info
DVD needs to be finalized for use 
in other DVD players or recorders. 
No additional recording is possible 
after finalizing.
Disc Type 
Disc Format 
VR Mode
0:20:00 (Fine)
Now Finalizing...
Avoid Shock & Vibration.