Samsung SC-DX200, SC-DX205 User Manual

disc mode recording playback

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Use the zoom function for close-up or wide-angle recording.
This camcorder allows you to record using optical power zoom 34x, intelli-zoom 42x and 
2200x digital zoom.
•  The Zoom lever is on the top of the camcorder.
•  You can also use the zoom function by moving the Joystick (W/T) up or down.
To zoom in
Slide the zoom lever towards T (telephoto).
To zoom out
Slide the zoom lever towards W (wide-angle).
•  Zoom magnification over 34x is done through digital image processing, and is, therefore, 
called digital zoom. Digital zooming is possible up to 2200x.
Set “Zoom Type” to the desired value. page 86
You can set the digital zoom up to 2200x during video recording.
•  If you operate the zoom (W/T) lever during recording, the sound of the lever may be 
recorded as well.
•  The minimum possible distance between the camcorder and subject while 
maintaining sharp focus is about 1 cm (about 0.39 inch) for wide angle and 90 cm 
(about 35.43 inches) for telephoto.
•  The focus changes when zooming after focusing manually. Focus automatically or 
seize the desired scene by zooming before focusing manually. page 79
•  Optical zoom and intelli-zoom preserve the video quality, but during digital zoom 
the image quality may suffer.
•  The zoom speed differs when using the zoom (W/T) lever and the Joystick 
(W/T). For a faster zoom, use the zoom (W/T) lever. For a slower zoom, move 
the Joystick (W/T) up or down. The Joystick (W/T) is useful when zooming the 
subject precisely. 
disc mode: recording/playback
0:00:00[30 Min]
W : Wide angle
T : Telephoto