When using a new disc formatting a new disc

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•  Move the grip belt so it does not interfere with inserting or ejecting the disc.
•  The disc cover can be opened when the device is connected to an AC power adaptor or the battery pack, 
even if the power is off.
This product utilizes a laser. Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures 
other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.
Do not open covers and do not look inside the product if interlock mechanism is damaged.
Be careful not to damage the interlock mechanism.
When using a new disc: formatting a new disc
Formatting may be required if a new disc is inserted.
Recognition of the disc will start.
For a DVD-R/-R DL disc: Formatting will automatically begin.
For a DVD-RW disc: The Format menu is offered. Select the recording format, Video mode or VR mode.
Format the disc in the “Disc Format” menu when you want to format again. page 58
between Video 
and VR mode
Video (Video Mode) : If the disc has been finalized, you will be able to 
play the disc on most DVD players/recorders/drives.
VR (VR Mode) : You can edit the disc on a DVD camcorder, but playback is 
possible only on a DVD recorder that supports VR mode.
pickup lens
Refer to page 8 for finalized disc compatibility.
<When a DVD-RW disc is 
Format disc in Video mode?
- Can play in DVD devices.
- Cannot edit in camcorder.
If not, Remove the disc.