Samsung SC-DX200, SC-DX205 User Manual

maintenance additional information

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maintenance & additional information
Cleaning and handling the Disc
•  Take care not to touch the recording side (the rainbow-
colored side) of the disc with your fingers. Discs 
contaminated by fingerprints or foreign substances may not 
play properly.
•  Use a soft cloth to clean the disc.
•  Clean lightly from the center of a disc to the outside edge. 
Circling or cleaning too hard may create scratches on the 
disc and further cause the disc to play abnormally.
•  Do not use benzene, thinner, detergent, alcohol or anti-static spray when cleaning the disc. It may cause a malfunction.
•  Press the supporting holder in the center of the disc case for easy removal of the disc.
•  Handle discs by the edges and the center hole to avoid fingerprints on the recording side.
•  Do not bend or apply heat to the disc.
•  Always store discs vertically in their plastic cases when not in use.
•  Store discs away from direct sunlight, heating elements, moisture or dust.
Storage media
•  Be sure to follow the guidelines below to prevent corruption or damage to your recorded data.
-  Do not bend or drop the storage media, or subject it to strong pressure, jolts or vibrations.
-  Do not splash the storage media with water.
-  Do not use, replace, or store the storage media in locations that are exposed to strong static electricity or electrical 
-  Do not turn off the camcorder power or remove the battery or AC power adaptor during recording, playback, or when 
otherwise accessing the storage media.
-  Do not bring the storage media near objects that have a strong magnetic field or that emit strong electromagnetic 
-  Do not store the storage media in locations with high temperature or high humidity.
-  Do not touch the metal parts.
•  Copy the recorded files to your computer. Samsung shall not be responsible for any lost data.
•  A malfunction may cause the storage media to fail to operate properly. Samsung will not provide any 
compensation for any lost contents.
•  Refer to pages 38-40, 61-62 for details.