Samsung SC-DX200, SC-DX205 User Manual

precautions when using

xii_ English
precautions when using 
Do not overload outlets or 
extension cords as this may 
result in abnormal heat or 
Using the camcorder at 
temperatures over 140 ℉(60℃) 
may result in fire. Keeping the 
battery at high temperature may 
cause an explosion.
Do not allow water or metal and 
inflammable matter to enter the 
camcorder or AC power adaptor. 
Doing so may pose fire hazard.
No sand or dust! Fine sand or 
dust entering the camcorder 
or AC power adaptor could 
cause malfunctions or defects.
No sand or dust!
The safety precautions illustrated below are to prevent personal injury or material damages. Heed all instructions carefully.
Unplug from the power supply.
Do not touch the product.
Prohibited action.
Means that death or serious 
personal injury is a risk.
This precaution must be kept.
Do not disassemble the 
Means that there is a 
potential risk for personal 
injury or material damage.
Do not force or bend the power-
cord or damage the AC power 
adaptor by placing a heavy 
object on it. There may be a 
risk of fire or electric shock.
Do not disconnect the AC 
adaptor by pulling on its 
power-cord, as this could 
cause damage.
No oil! Oil entering the 
camcorder or AC power 
adaptor could cause electric 
shock, malfunctions or 
Do not aim the LCD screen 
directly into the sun. Doing so 
could cause eye injuries, as 
well as lead to malfunctioning 
of internal parts of the product.