Samsung SC-DX200, SC-DX205 User Manual

important information on use

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important information on use
•  This camcorder records video in MPEG2 format in the DISC Record mode, H.264 format in the Card Video 
Record mode (SC-DX205 only) and at Standard Resolution (SD-VIDEO).
•  Please note that this DVD camcorder is not compatible with other digital video.
•  Before recording important video, make a trial recording.
Play back your trial recording to make sure the video and audio have been recorded properly.
•  The recorded contents cannot be compensated for:
-  Samsung cannot compensate for any damage caused when a recording cannot be played back because of 
a defect in the DVD camcorder or memory card. Samsung cannot be responsible for your recorded video and 
-  Recorded contents may be lost due to a mistake when handling this DVD camcorder or memory card, etc. 
Samsung shall not be responsible for compensation for damages due to the loss of recorded contents.
•  Make a backup of important recorded data.
Protect your important recorded data by copying the files to a computer. We also recommend you copy it from 
your computer to other recording media for storage. Refer to the software installation and USB connection guide.
•  Copyright: Please note that this DVD camcorder is intended for personal use only.
Data recorded on the card in this DVD camcorder using other digital/analog media or devices is protected by the 
copyright act and cannot be used without permission of the owner of copyright, except for personal enjoyment. 
Even if you record an event such as a show, performance or exhibition for personal enjoyment, it is strongly 
recommended that you obtain permission beforehand.
Thank you for purchasing Samsung Camcorder. Please read this user manual carefully before you use the camcorder 
and keep it handy for future reference. Should your camcorder fail to operate correctly, refer to Troubleshooting.  
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•  This user manual covers models SC-DX200/DX205. SC-DX205 has two storage media, Disc and Card. 
Although the external appearances of SC-DX200/DX205 are different, they operate in the same way.