Ensure maximum battery and charger life
Overcharging batteries may shorten battery life. After charging is 
finished, disconnect the cable from your camera.
Over time, unused batteries will discharge and must be 
recharged before use.
Disconnect chargers from power sources when not in use.
Use batteries only for their intended purpose.
Exercise caution when using the camera in humid 
When transferring the camera from a cold environment to a warm 
and humid one, condensation can form on the delicate electronic 
circuitry and memory card. In this situation, wait for at least 1 hour 
until all moisture has evaporated before using the camera.
Check that the camera is operating properly before use
The manufacturer takes no responsibility for any loss of files or 
damage that may result from camera malfunction or improper 
Do not bend, drop, or subject memory cards to heavy impact 
or pressure.
Do not use memory cards that have been formatted by other 
cameras or by a computer. Reformat the memory card with 
your camera.
Never use a damaged charger, battery, or memory card.
Use only Samsung-approved accessories
Using incompatible accessories may damage your camera, 
cause injury, or void your warranty.
Protect your camera’s lens
Do not expose the lens to direct sunlight, as this may discolor 
the image sensor or cause it to malfunction.
Protect your lens from fingerprints and scratches. Clean your 
lens with a soft, clean, debris-free lens cloth.
         Important usage information  
Allow only qualified personnel to service your camera
Do not allow unqualified personnel to service the camera or 
attempt to service the camera yourself. Any damage that results 
from unqualified service is not covered by your warranty.
Health and safety information