Health and safety information
Do not insert foreign objects into any of your camera’s 
compartments, slots, or access points. Damage due to 
improper use may not be covered by your warranty.
Do not swing your camera by the strap. This may cause injury 
to yourself or others.
Do not paint your camera, as paint can clog moving parts and 
prevent proper operation.
Paint or metal on the outside of the camera may cause 
allergies, itchy skin, eczema, or swelling for people with 
sensitive skin. If you have experience any of these symptoms, 
stop using the camera immediately and consult a doctor.
Protect batteries, chargers, and memory cards from 
Avoid exposing batteries or memory cards to very cold or very 
hot temperatures (below 0º C/32º F or above 40º C/104º F). 
Extreme temperatures can reduce the charging capacity of your 
batteries and can cause memory cards to malfunction.
Prevent batteries from making contact with metal objects, as 
this can create a connection between the + and – terminals 
of your battery and lead to temporary or permanent battery 
damage. Also, this may cause a fire or electric shock.
Prevent memory cards from making contact with liquids, dirt, or 
foreign substances. If dirty, wipe the memory card clean with a 
soft cloth before inserting in your camera.
Turn off the camera when inserting or removing the memory 
           Safety precautions  
Handle and store your camera carefully and sensibly
Do not allow your camera to get wet—liquids can cause serious 
damage. Do not handle your camera with wet hands. Water 
damage to your camera can void your manufacturer’s warranty.
Do not expose the camera to direct sunlight or high 
temperatures for an extended period of time. Prolonged 
exposure to sunlight or extreme temperatures can cause 
permanent damage to your camera’s internal components.
Avoid using or storing your camera in dusty, dirty, humid, or 
poorly-ventilated areas to prevent damage to moving parts and 
internal components.
Remove the batteries from your camera when storing it for an 
extended period of time. Installed batteries may leak or corrode 
over time and cause serious damage to your camera.
Protect your camera from sand and dirt when using it on 
beaches or in other similar areas.
Protect your camera from impact, rough handling, and 
excessive vibration to avoid serious damage.
Exercise caution when connecting cables or adapters and 
installing batteries and memory cards. Forcing the connectors, 
improperly connecting cables, or improperly installing batteries 
and memory cards can damage ports, connectors, and