Health and safety information
Exercise caution when you connect cables or adapters and 
install batteries and memory cards.
If you force the connectors, improperly connect cables, or 
improperly install batteries and memory cards, you can damage 
ports, connectors, and accessories.
Keep cards with magnetic strips away from the camera case.
Information stored on the card may be damaged or erased.
Never use a damaged charger, battery, or memory card.
This may result in electric shock or camera malfunction or cause 
a fire.
Check that the camera is operating properly before use.
The manufacturer takes no responsibility for any loss of files or 
damages that may result from camera malfunction or improper 
You must plug the end of the cable with the indicator light ( ) 
into your camera.
If the cable is reversed, it may damage your files. The 
manufacturer is not responsible for any loss of data.