Shooting Custom Scenes
In Scene mode, appropriate options are already set for each scene so that you 
can select any of them for easy shooting.
High Speed Recording 
This camcorder can record by 120 frames per second (fps). In addition, the recorded 
video can be played back at low speed (x1/2).
Simple & Easy User Interface
Designed to provide optimized and easy use with an ergonomic design. 
An improved Graphics User Interface offers a new and fresh look as well as easy 
Time Lapse Recording Catches the Moment 
You can record a long scene in short intervals. Record artistic, documentary 
videos including the passage of clouds, blooming fl owers etc. Use this function 
to make UGC (User-Generated Contents) videos, educational programmes or for 
other purposes.
Direct Upload of Your Videos to the Web!
The built-in editing software Intelli-studio installs directly from 
this camcorder to your PC, when you simply connect your 
camcorder to a PC via USB cable. Intelli-studio also allows 
direct uploading of your contents to YouTube with the press of 
a button. Sharing the contents with your friends is simpler than 
ever before.