key features of your camcorder
10 Mega pixel CMOS (1/2.3") 
This camcorder’s 10 mega pixel CMOS sensor catches your important moments and records them in fi ne detail. 
Unlike traditional CCD imagers, CMOS sensors require less power, providing effi cient battery performance.
Full HD 1080 Viewing Performance 
This camcorder uses advanced H.264 compression 
technology to realise the clearest video quality. Its full 
HD resolution displays your videos clearer than normal 
standard (SD)-quality.
10 Mega Pixel Photo Quality
Samsung’s Pixel Rising technology yields high 
resolution still images that retain colours and resolution 
in extraordinary detail. The result is the 10 mega pixel 
image quality that is equivalent to a digital camera.
Ultra Compact Size 
Approximately 0.6" thick and 2.2" wide, this camcorder is ultra compact and easy to carry with 
you in your bag or pocket.
Touch Navigation 
This camcorder has adopted the touch sensitive 
button technology to conveniently navigate menus 
and functions.
Easy Sharing Capability
Providing an additional mode specifi cally designed 
for sharing with not only TVs but also computers, 
web postings and other mobile devices, the 
camcorder supports the optimal recording and 
playback environment for YouTube, etc.
High-Defi nition (Full HD)
Standard-Defi nition (SD)
<Wide Full HD Camcorder (1080p/16:9)>
<Standard Digital Camcorder (480p)>
<PC/Web/Mobile device>
1280x720 60p
1280x720 30p
720x480 60p
1920x1080 30p
1280x720 60p
1280x720 30p
<Normal TV>
720x480 60p
This camcorder is an NTSC-system-based camcorder for video 
encoding. But actual output depends upon user setting.  page 43