File No, Time Zone

File No.
File names (numbers) are assigned to recorded images according to the numbering option you 
1.  Touch the Menu (
)  Setting ( ) tab “File No..”
2.  Touch the desired submenu item.
3.  To exit the menu, touch the Exit ( ) or Return (
) tab.
Submenu items
Series: Assigns fi le numbers in a continuous sequence even after you 
replace or format the storage media or delete all fi les. Each fi le is given a 
unique fi le number that allows convenient image management on a PC.
Reset: Resets the fi le number to 0001 after you format the memory card,  
delete all fi les, or insert a new memory card.
Time Zone
You can set the clock to the local time when using your camcorder in a different time zone.
1.  Touch the Menu (
) tab  Setting ( ) tab  “Time Zone”  
2  Touch the left (
) or the right (
) tab to select the visited area.
3.  Touch the (
) tab when the time zone setting is complete.
The camcorder does not apply the time zone you set if you 
fi nish the setting by touching the (
) tab without touching 
the (
) tab.
Submenu items
Home: The camcorder displays the time according to your settings on the 
Date/Time Set menu. Select Home when using the camcorder for the fi rst 
time or when returning the clock to your hometown date/time setting.
Visit ( ):  When you visit a locale in a different time zone, the Visit 
function allows you to use the local time without changing your 
hometown time setting. The camcorder adjusts the clock in accordance 
with the time difference between the two locations.
When you set “File No.” to “Series,” the camcorder assigns each fi le a different number to avoid 
duplicating fi le names. This is useful when you want to manage your fi les on a computer.
Setting the local time
File No.
Time Zone
[HOME 00:00] JAN/01/2010 12:00AM