editing fi les

Deleted images cannot be recovered.
Do not eject a memory card or power off the camcorder while deleting videos or photos recorded on the 
storage media. Doing so may damage the storage media or data.
You can erase your recordings one by one or all at once.
Insert a memory card. page 28
Touch the Play (
) tab on the LCD screen to select the play mode. page 40
1.  Touch the HD (
), SD (
), or Photo (
) tab.
Videos or photos appear as thumbnails.
2.  Touch the Menu (
) tab  “Delete”  touch the desired 
submenu item.
If you touch “Select Files,” you will see image thumbnails. Go 
to Step 3.
If you touch “All Files,” you will see the message that 
corresponds to that option. Go to Step 4.
3.  Touch the fi les you want to delete. After you have selected all the 
fi les you want to delete, touch the (
) tab. Go to Step 4.
See Submenu items below for additional details.
4.  Touch “Yes.”
If you selected “All Files,” the camcorder deletes all the fi les in the storage media, except 
for those that are protected.
If you selected “Select Files,” the camcorder deletes the fi les you selected. 
You can also operate this function in the full and single image display modes.
To protect important images from accidental erasure, activate the image protection function in advance. 
page 70
You can not delete protected fi les. Cancel the protect function fi rst. page 70
If the write protection tab on the memory card is set to lock, you cannot delete images. 
The delete function does not work if the battery charge is insuffi cient. We recommend you use the AC 
adapter to ensure the camera has continuous power when deleting.
editing fi les
Submenu items
Select Files:  Deletes individual images.
  Touch the images you want to delete. The indicator ( ) is displayed on the selected images. Touching the 
thumbnail image toggles the image between being selected for deletion ( ) or not selected.
 Touch the (
) tab.
All Files: Deletes all images.
Select Files
All Files