advanced playback

advanced playback
Play Option
You can select a specifi c video playback option.
Select the Play (
) tab on the LCD screen to select the Video play (
) mode. page 40
1.  Touch the Menu (
) tab  “Play Option.”
2.  Touch the desired submenu item.
3.  To exit the menu, touch the Exit ( ) or Return (
) tab.
Submenu items
Play All (
):  Plays video clips in succession starting from a 
video you select and ending at the last video you 
recorded, then returns to the thumbnail index view.
Play One (
):  Plays the selected video once, and then returns 
to the thumbnail view.
Repeat All ( ):  Plays all the video clips repeatedly until you 
touch the Return (
) tab. 
Repeat One ( ):  Plays one selected video repeatedly until you 
touch the Return (
) tab.
Play Option
Play All
Play One
Repeat All
Repeat One