The camcorder adjusts the aperture (lens opening) automatically depending on the subject and 
recording conditions. You can also manually adjust the aperture.
Select the record mode by pressing the MODE button. page 24
1.  Touch the Menu (
) tab  “Aperture.”
2.  Touch the desired submenu item.
3.  To exit the menu, touch the Exit ( ) or Return (
) tab.
Submenu items
Auto: Sets the aperture value automatically.
Manual ( ):  Touch the decrease (
) or increase (
) tab 
to adjust the aperture. You can choose from the 
following settings:
F1.8, F2, F2.8, F4, F5.6, F8, F11, F16
When you specify “Aperture: Manual,” the  SCENE mode is cancelled, “Super C.Nite” is set to 
“Off,” and “Shutter” is set to “Auto” automatically.
If the aperture is set to manual, the aperture value changes depending on the zoom level you 
You can adjust the aperture value to control the amount of light reaching the image sensor. The smaller 
the aperture value, the greater the amount of light. For example, F1.8 lets in more light than F2.8.
You need to adjust the aperture value in the following cases:
When you are shooting against the light or when the background is too bright.
When you are shooting on a refl ective natural background such as at the beach or when skiing.
When the background is overly dark (for example, scenery at night).
Understanding Aperture