quick start guide

quick start guide
This quick start guide introduces the basic operation and features of your camcorder. See the 
reference pages for more information.
You can record videos in H.264 format!
You can record videos in H.264 format that is convenient to email and share with your friends 
and family. You can also take photos with your camcorder.
STEP 1: Get ready
1.  Insert the battery to the camcorder. page 17
Make sure that the SAMSUNG logo is facing up 
and the battery is placed as shown in the fi gure.
2.  Charge the battery fully. page 18
The battery is fully charged when the CHG 
(charging) indicator light turns green.
3.  Insert a memory card. page 28
You can use commercially available SDHC (SD 
High Capacity) or SD memory cards with this 
STEP 2: Record with your camcorder
LCD screen
Your camcorder turns on when you open the LCD screen.
Zoom(W/T) lever
MODE button/
Mode indicator
Recording start/stop button
PHOTO button
Zoom (W/T) 
Recording start/
stop button