USING THE Intelli studio PROGRAM

USING THE Intelli-studio PROGRAM
Using the Intelli-studio program built into your camcorder, you can transfer video and photo fi les 
to your PC using a USB cable and edit them on your PC screen. Intelli-studio offers the most 
convenient way for you to  manage your video and photo fi les.
Step 1. Connecting the USB cable
1.  Set “USB Connect: Mass Storage” and “PC Software: On.”
These are the default settings.
2.  Connect the camcorder to a PC with the USB cable.
A new fi le saving window appears along with the Intelli-studio 
main window.
Depending on your version of Windows, the Windows 
removable disk window may also appear.
3.  Click “Yes” in the new fi le saving window. The uploading 
procedure starts. Click “Yes” to confi rm.
If you do not want to save any new fi les, select “No.”
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