Samsung HMX-Q100BN, HMX-Q100PN, HMX-Q100TN, HMX-Q100UN, HMX-Q10BN, HMX-Q10PN, HMX-Q10TN, HMX-Q10UN, HMX-Q130BN, HMX-Q130PN, HMX-Q130TN, HMX-Q130UN Owner Manual

Using with a Windows computer, USING AS A REMOVABLE STORAGE DEVICE

Using with a Windows computer
You can copy video or photo files recorded by the camcorder to a 
Windows computer by connecting the camcorder to the computer 
using a USB cable.
Viewing the contents of storage media
Set “USB Connect” to “Mass Storage”.  page 70
Set “PC Software” to “OFF”.   page 70
Insert a memory card.  page 30
Connect the camcorder to the PC with the USB cable. 
page 87
The “Removable Disk” or “Samsung” window appears on the 
PC’s screen after a moment.
Select “Open folders to view files using Windows Explorer”, 
and then click “OK”.
The folders in the storage media appear.
Different file types are stored in different folders.
Photos Videos
Setting data
System data
Select the desired folder or files to copy, then drag and drop 
them into the destination folder.
The folder or files are copied from the storage media to the 
If the “Removable Disk” window does not appear, confirm the 
connection ( page 87) or perform steps 1 to 4 again. If the 
removable disk does not appear automatically, open the removable 
disk folder in My Computer.
If the connected camcorder’s disk drive does not open or the 
context menu that appears when right clicking your mouse (open or 
browse) appears broken, your computer may be infected by Autorun 
virus. Please update your anti-virus software to its latest version and 
scan your disk drives.