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Printing photos

Printing photos
You can print photos directly by connecting your camcorder to a 
PictBridge printer (sold separately) using a USB cable.
Insert the memory card.  page 30
Set “USB Connect” to “PictBridge”.  page 70
>> USB Connect
Mass Storage
Use a USB cable to connect your camcorder to the printer. 
Photo Printer 
(Compatible with PictBridge)
Turn your printer on.
The photo thumbnails appear on the LCD screen.
Touch the photos you want to print, and then touch the Print 
 )  tab.
The corresponding message appears.
1/12       100_0001
Touch “Yes”.
The selected photo is printed.
To set the number of prints
Touch the decrease ( 
 )/increase  ( 
 ) tab to set the number of copies 
to print.
The number of copies is set.
To cancel the print setting
Touch the Thumbnail view ( 
 ) tab on the LCD screen.
To stop printing after printing starts
Touch “Cancel” on the screen.
If the camcorder fails to recognize the printer, remove the USB cable, 
and then turn off the printer. Set “USB Connect” to “PictBridge”, 
and then connect the USB cable again.
Use the supplied USB cable.