Samsung HMX-Q100BN, HMX-Q100PN, HMX-Q100TN, HMX-Q100UN, HMX-Q10BN, HMX-Q10PN, HMX-Q10TN, HMX-Q10UN, HMX-Q130BN, HMX-Q130PN, HMX-Q130TN, HMX-Q130UN Owner Manual

Other settings, Shutter Sound, Auto Power Off

Other settings 
Shutter Sound
You can turn the shutter sound that plays when taking a photo with 
the Recording start/stop button on or off.
Press the Home (   )  button 
 touch “Settings”   “General”.
Touch the desired item next to “Shutter Sound”.
> General
Shutter Sound
Auto Power Off
Beep Sound
Quick On STBY
To exit the menu, touch the Return( 
 )  tab.
Submenu items
OFF: Disables the function.
ON:  You will hear the shutter sound when taking a photo with the 
Recording start/stop button.

The camcorder does not make the shutter sound:
- When the camcorder has a cable connection. (Audio/Video cable, mini 
HDMI cable, etc.)
Auto Power Off
You can set your camcorder to turn off automatically if it is idle for 
5 minutes without performing an operation. This function prevents 
unnecessary power consumption.
Press the Home (   )  button 
 touch “Settings”   “General”   
“Auto Power Off”.
Touch the desired submenu item.
>> Auto Power Off
5 Min
To exit the menu, touch the Return( 
 )  tab.
Submenu items
Off: Disables the function.
5 Min:  The camcorder turns off if idle for 5 minutes without performing 
an operation.

Auto Power Off does not work in the following situations:
- When the camcorder has a cable connection. (USB cable, AC 
power adaptor, etc.)
- While the Demo function is in operation.
- While you are recording (including the recording pause), playing 
(except pause), or running a photo slide show.
To turn the camcorder on again, close the LCD screen and then 
open it.