Samsung HMX-Q100BN, HMX-Q100PN, HMX-Q100TN, HMX-Q100UN, HMX-Q10BN, HMX-Q10PN, HMX-Q10TN, HMX-Q10UN, HMX-Q130BN, HMX-Q130PN, HMX-Q130TN, HMX-Q130UN Owner Manual

Other settings, Date Time Display, TV Display

Other settings
Date/Time Display
You can set the Date/Time Display function so that the date and 
time appear on the LCD screen.
Press the Home (   )  button 
 touch “Settings”   “Display”   
“Date/Time Display”.
Touch the desired submenu item.
>> Date/Time Display
Date & Time
To exit the menu, touch the Return ( 
 )  tab.
Submenu items
Off: The current date/time information is not displayed.
Date: Displays the current date.
Time: Displays the current time.
Date & Time: Displays the current date and time.

The date/time will read “JAN/01/2011 12:00 AM” in the following 
- When the internal rechargeable battery is depleted.
The date and time displayed by this function depend on the “Date 
Type” and “Time Type” settings.  pages 73~74
TV Display
When your camcorder is connected to a TV, you can select whether 
the camcorder’s On Screen Display (OSD) appears on the TV 
Press the Home (   )  button 
 touch “Settings”   “Display”.
Touch the desired item next to “TV Display”.
>  Display
TV Display
Date/Time Display
LCD Brightness
To exit the menu, touch the Return ( 
 )  tab.
Submenu items
OFF:  The OSD (On Screen Display) menus are only shown on the LCD 
ON:  The OSD menus are shown on the LCD screen and the TV screen 
as well.
The menu screen, thumbnail display, and demo screens are shown on 
the TV even if you set “TV Display” to “OFF”.