Samsung HMX-Q100BN, HMX-Q100PN, HMX-Q100TN, HMX-Q100UN, HMX-Q10BN, HMX-Q10PN, HMX-Q10TN, HMX-Q10UN, HMX-Q130BN, HMX-Q130PN, HMX-Q130TN, HMX-Q130UN Owner Manual

Other settings, LCD Brightness, Guideline

Other settings 
LCD Brightness
This camcorder’s LCD brightness is optimized at the factory. 
However, you can adjust the LCD brightness according to the 
ambient environment.
Press the Home (   )  button 
 touch “Settings”   “Display”   
“LCD Brightness”.
Touch the decrease (   ) or increase (   ) tab to adjust the 
setting values as you want.
You can set values for LCD brightness between 0 and 10.
LCD Brightness
Touch the ( 
 ) tab to complete the setting. 
To exit the menu, touch the Return ( 
 )  tab.
If the surroundings are too bright, adjust the brightness of the LCD 
Adjusting the LCD screen does not affect the image you are 
A brighter LCD screen consumes more power.
Guideline displays straight line patterns on the LCD screen that can 
help you set the image composition when recording images. The 
camcorder provides 3 types of guidelines.
Press the Home (   )  button 
 touch “Settings”   “Display”   
Touch the desired submenu item.
>> Guideline
Safety Zone
To exit the menu, touch the Return ( 
 )  tab.
Submenu items
Off: Disables the function.
Cross ( 
 ):   Placing the subject at the center cross point puts the 
subject in the middle of the frame.
Grid ( 
 ):   For recording multiple subjects. Putting subjects at or near 
the grid cross points creates a balanced composition.
Safety Zone ( 
 ):   Positioning subjects within the Safety Zone rectangle 
ensures they will be recorded.

Positioning a subject at the cross point of a guideline provides a 
balanced composition.
Guidelines are not recorded.