Editing videos and photos, Combine

Editing videos and photos
You can combine two different videos. As this function edits the 
original files, make sure to back up the original files before combining 
Insert a memory card.  page 30
Select the video playback mode.  page 41

Touch the Combine ( 
 ) tab on the thumbnail view display.
Touch the video thumbnails of the videos you want to combine 
in the order you want them combined.
The Combine ( 
 ) indicator and the order number appear on 
the selected videos. Whenever you touch the video thumbnail, 
the selection ( 
 ) and release alternate. 
The checkbox on the video thumbnail does not appear if the 
video files have different resolutions.
Touch the ( 
 )  tab.
A message appears asking for your confirmation.
Touch “Yes”.
The camcorder combines the video files you selected in the 
order you designated, and then stores the combined videos 
as a single video file.
Do not eject a memory card or power off while editing a video recorded 
on the storage media. Doing so may damage the storage media or data.
You cannot combine the files that are protected (
). Cancel the 
protect function first.  page 59
The original videos are not preserved.
The Combine function is not available under the following conditions:
- If the Videos are in different resolution formats. For example, videos 
recorded at “Video Resolution: Full HD  1080/60i” and “Video 
Resolution: HD  720/60p” cannot be combined.
- If the file size of the combined videos exceeds 1.8 GB.
- If the remaining memory space on your memory card is less than 
- If a video file format is not supported by the camcorder.
- When the camcorder is playing a video file.