Samsung HMX-Q100BN, HMX-Q100PN, HMX-Q100TN, HMX-Q100UN, HMX-Q10BN, HMX-Q10PN, HMX-Q10TN, HMX-Q10UN, HMX-Q130BN, HMX-Q130PN, HMX-Q130TN, HMX-Q130UN Owner Manual

Getting ready to start recording, ADJUSTING THE LCD SCREEN

Getting ready to start recording
The wide LCD screen on your camcorder offers high quality image 
Open the LCD screen with your finger.
The screen opens up to 90°.
Rotate the LCD screen towards the lens.
You can rotate it up to 180° towards the lens and up to 90°
backward. To view recordings more conveniently, rotate the 
screen by 180° towards the lens, then fold it back to the body.
When you reverse and close the LCD screen by rotating it 
to 180° towards the lens, the camcorder switches to the 
playback mode automatically. 
Excessive rotation may damage the connective hinge between the 
screen and the camcorder.
Clean fingerprints or dust on the screen with a soft cloth.