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Additional information, USING YOUR CAMCORDER ABROAD

Additional information
When there is dew condensation, put the camcorder aside 
for a while before using
What is dew condensation?
Dew condensation happens when a camcorder is moved to a 
location where there is a significant temperature difference from 
the previous location. The dew condenses on the external or 
internal parts of the camcorder, and on the reflection lens. If there 
is dew on or in your camcorder, it may cause the camcorder to 
malfunction or damage the camcorder when you turn the power 
Exactly when does dew condensation occur?
When you move the camera to a location with a higher 
temperature than the previous location, or when you move it to a 
hot area suddenly. Examples:
- You record outside in cold weather during the winter and then 
move the camera in indoors.
- You record outside in hot weather after being indoors or inside a 
car where the A/C was running.
What can I do?
- Turn the power off, detach the battery, and leave the camcorder 
in a dry area for 1~2 hours before using it.
Use the camcorder only after dew condensation has completely 
Be sure to use the recommended accessories supplied with the 
camcorder. For service, contact your nearest Samsung authorized 
service center. 
Each country or region has its own electric and color systems.
Before using your camcorder abroad, check the following items.
Power sources
The AC adaptor provided lets you power, recharge, and use your camcorder in 
any country/region that has AC power in the 100 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz range. 
You may need a commercially available AC plug adaptor depending on the 
design of local wall outlets.
On TV color systems
Your camcorder is an NTSC based camcorder. If you want to view your 
recordings on a TV or copy them to an external device, it must be an NTSC 
based TV or external device and have the appropriate Audio/Video jacks. 
Otherwise, you may need to use a separate video format transcoder (For 
example, an NTSC to PAL format converter).
The format transcoder is not provided by Samsung.
NTSC-compatible countries/regions
Bahamas, Canada, Central America, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, 
Taiwan, United States of America, etc.
PAL-compatible countries/regions
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, CIS, Czech Republic, 
Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Great Britain, Holland, 
Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia, Mauritius, 
Norway, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Spain, 
Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Thailand, Tunisia, etc.
You can make recordings with your camcorder and view pictures 
on the LCD screen anywhere in the world.