Samsung HMX-M20BN, HMX-M20SN Owner Manual

advanced playback

advanced playback
Touch “HD” or “SD.”
•  Video thumbnails of the video quality you selected appear on the 
•  To change the current thumbnail view, select the (
), or (
) tab 
on the screen.
•  If you select the thumbnail display by date (
), you can sort 
videos by specific date.  page 49
•  To change the current thumbnail page, touch the up (
) or 
down (
) tab.
Press the  View button, and then select the video file you want.
• The View function captures 16 still images in time sequence and 
creates the preview of a storyboard.
•  If you want to save the storyboard image on the storage media, 
press the PHOTO button. Then you can find the saved storyboard 
image in the photo play mode.  page 52
If you want to save the storyboard image to the storage media, 
press the PHOTO button.
A message appears asking for your confirmation. Touch "Yes."
•  “Now Story-Board Printing” appears on the screen. After a period 
of time, the completed message appears, and then the storyboard 
image appears on the LCD screen for about 3 seconds.
•  You can find the saved storyboard image in the photo play mode. 
page 52
•  If the recorded video is less than 8 seconds long, the camcorder extracts fewer than 16 
i-Frame thumbnails.
•  This function is available only in the video thumbnail index view screen.
When you press the (
/ CHECK) button in STBY mode or full image display mode, it works as 
the Display button and changes the information display only. 
page 31
Using  VIEW
The  VIEW function captures 16 still images from a video you select, and then creates a preview of a 16 
thumbnail storyboard. You can view the 16 images on the LCD screen and save the 16 thumbnails as a 
storyboard image.
VIEW is available in the Video Play mode only.
Touch the Play (
) tab on the LCD screen to select the playback mode  page 49
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