Samsung HMX-M20BN, HMX-M20SN Owner Manual

Story Board Print

Touch “HD” or “SD.”
•  Video thumbnails of the video quality you selected appear on the 
•  To change the current thumbnail view, select the (
), or  
) tab on the screen.
•  If you select thumbnail display by date (
), you can sort videos 
by specific date.  page 49
•  To change the current thumbnail page, touch the up (
) or down 
) tab.
Touch the Menu (
) tab   “Story-Board Print.”
Touch the desired video clip.
A message appears asking for your confirmation.
•  After a period of time, the storyboard image appears on the LCD 
screen for about 3 seconds.
•  The camcorder captures Images in time sequence and creates a 
storyboard of 16 images.
• Use 
VIEW or the thumbnail view to view the Storyboard.
•  Using the  VIEW button, you can preview the storyboard.  page 88
•  The storyboard may not show all 16 i-Frame thumbnails in the following case:
-  If the recorded video is too short. To extract 16 i-Frame thumbnails from a video, it should be 
longer than 8 seconds.
•  You can also run Story-Board Print in a full view mode. The Menu setting method is the same in the 
thumbnail index view and full view mode, but the submenu options can be different.
•   If there is not enough memory space or “Story-Board Print” is not available, then Story-Board 
Print is dimmed.
Story-Board Print
The Story-Board Print function captures 16 still images in time sequence from a video you select, arranges 
them into a storyboard, and then saves the storyboard to the storage media.
The storyboard presents a quick overview of your video, helping you to understand its overall topic or story.
“Story-Board Printing” is available in the Video Play mode only.
Touch the Play (
) tab on the LCD screen to select the playback mode  page 49
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Story-Board Print
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Story-Board Print