Submenu items
•  Off (
): The flash does not fire.
•  Auto (
): The flash fires automatically under low light conditions.
•  Red-Eye (
): “Red-eye” is the phenomenon where eyes look reddish in photographs taken with 
a flash in dark environments. Use the Red-eye flash option to reduce this phenomenon.
•  Fill-In (
): The flash fires regardless of the environmental light conditions. Use this flash mode 
when photographing against the light to brighten the subject.
•  Slow Sync (
): Use when you are using a slow shutter speed under low light conditions. Syncs 
the flash to the low shutter speed so that the background and subject have the same brightness.
Touch the Menu (
) tab  “Flash.”
Touch a desired submenu item.
To exit the menu, touch the Exit ( ) or Return (
) tab.
Using the Flash function, you can set the built-in flash to fire in different ways.
Select the Photo (
) mode by pressing the MODE button.  page 49
•  Do not fire the flash with the flash bulb covered with your hand.
•  Do not fire the flash close to people’s eyes as the subjects could suffer a temporary loss of vision.
•  The optimum distance from the camcorder to the subject when using the built-in flash is 7 to 10 feet.
•  Battery power is consumed faster with repeated use of the flash.
•  The flash function is not available:
When you have enabled “Cont. Shot”
When you are recording videos
When you are capturing still images during video recording (Dual Recording).
•  The red-eye reduction may not produce the desired effect due to individual differences, if the subject 
is moving, or when the subject is far from the camcorder.
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