Storage media
•  Be sure to follow the guidelines below to prevent corruption or damage to your 
recorded data.
-  Do not bend or drop the storage media, or subject it to strong pressure, jolts or 
-  Do not splash the storage media with water.
-  Do not use, replace, or store the storage media in locations that are exposed to a strong 
static electricity or electrical noise.
-  Do not turn off the camcorder power or remove the battery or AC power adaptor during 
recording, playback, or when accessing the storage media.
-  Do not bring the storage media near to objects that have a strong magnetic field or that 
emit strong electromagnetic waves.
-  Do not store the storage media in locations with high temperature or high humidity.
-  Do not touch the metal parts.
•  Copy the recorded files to your PC. Samsung shall not be responsible for any lost 
data. (It is recommended that you copy the data from your PC to other media for 
•  A malfunction may cause the storage media to fail to operate properly. Samsung will 
not provide any compensation for any lost contents.
•  Refer to pages 131~137 for details.
LCD screen
Before cleaning, turn off the camcorder and remove the battery pack and AC power 
•  To clean the exterior
-  Do not push it too hard or knock it on anything.
-  Do not place the camcorder with the LCD screen facing the bottom.
•  To prolong the service life, avoid rubbing it with a coarse cloth.
•  Be aware of the following phenomena for LCD screen use. They are not malfunctions.
-  While using the camcorder, the surface around the LCD screen may heat up.
-  If you leave power on for a long time, the surface around the LCD screen becomes hot.