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Your camcorder is a product of superior design and craftsmanship and should be treated with 
The suggestions below will help you fulfill any warranty obligations and allow you to enjoy this 
product for many years.
•  For safekeeping of the camcorder, turn off the camcorder.
-  Remove the battery pack and AC power adaptor.  page 24
-  Remove the memory card.  page 35
Cautions when storing
•  Do not leave the camcorder in a place where the temperature is very high for a long period of time: 
The temperature inside a closed vehicle or trunk can become very high in a hot weather. If you leave 
the camcorder in such a place, it could malfunction or the case could be damaged. Do not expose the 
camcorder to a direct sunlight or place it near a heater.
•  Do not store the camcorder in a place where the humidity is high or in a dusty place: 
Dust entering the camcorder could cause a malfunction. If humidity is high, the lens could become moldy, 
and the camcorder could become inoperative. It is recommended that you put the camcorder in a box 
together with a small silica bag when storing it in a closet, etc.
•  Do not store the camcorder in a place subject to strong magnetism or intense vibration:  
This could cause malfunctions.
•  Detach the battery pack from the camcorder and store it in a cool place: 
Leaving the battery pack attached or storing it at a high temperature could shorten its life.
Cleaning the camcorder
Before cleaning, turn off the camcorder and remove the battery pack and AC power 
•  To clean the exterior
Wipe gently with a soft dry cloth. Do not apply excessive force when cleaning, gently rub the surface.
Do not use benzene or thinner to clean the camcorder. The coating of exterior could peel off or the 
case could deteriorate.
•  To fix the case
 the LCD screen
Wipe gently with a soft dry cloth. Be careful not to damage the monitor.
•  To clean the lens
Use an optional air blower to blow out dirt and other small objects. Do not wipe the lens with cloth or your 
If necessary, wipe gently with lens with a paper.
Mold may form if the lens is left dirty.
If the lens looks dim, turn off the camcorder and leave it for about 1 hour.
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