Samsung HMX-M20BN, HMX-M20SN Owner Manual

warning indicators and messages

Battery pack
Informs that...
Low Battery
The battery pack is almost 
•  Replace with a charged battery or connect the AC 
power adaptor.
Low Battery Connect AC 
adaptor and try again
A function is inoperable due to an 
exhausted battery.
•  Replace with a charged battery or connect the AC 
power adaptor.
Check the authenticity of 
this battery
The battery pack can not pass 
authenticity check.
•  Check whether the battery is authentic. Change to 
an authentic Samsung battery.
•  We recommended you use only genuine Samsung 
batteries in this camcorder.
Storage media
Informs that ...
Insert card
There is no memory card inserted 
in the memory card slot.
•  Insert a memory card.
Card Full!
There is not enough space to 
record on memory card.
•  Delete unnecessary files on the memory card.
•  Back-up files to PC or another storage media, and 
then unneeded delete files.
•  Change memory card to another one that has 
enough free space.
Card Locked
The write protection tab on an SD 
or SDHC card has been set to lock.
•  Release the write protection tab.
The camcorder can not recognize 
the memory card if there is a Card 
Error, Not Formatted error, or Not 
Supported Card error.
•  Insert a reommended memory card with a 
supported file format.
Card Error
The memory card has some 
problem and the camcorder cannot 
recognise it.
•  Change the memory card with another one.
Not Formatted
The memory card is not formatted. •  Format the memory card using the menu.
Not Supported Format
The memory card may have been 
formatted by another device and 
may still have existing images on it.
• The image format is not supported. Check the 
supported file format. 
• Format the memory card using menu item.
Not Supported Card
The memory card is not supported 
in this camcorder.
•  Change the memory card with the one 
Low Speed Card.
Please record a lower 
The memory card does not have 
enough performance to record.
•  Record video at a lower quality.
•  Replace the memory card with a faster one.
warning indicators and messages
Problems may occur because of the following reasons. Check the information and take corrective action.