Samsung HMX-M20BN, HMX-M20SN Owner Manual

connecting to a TV

connecting to a TV
Using your camcorder, you can watch High Definition (HD) quality videos, recorded in the “1920x1080” or 
“1280x720” resolution, on a wide screen HDTV. The connection methods and the quality of the image you 
see on the TV screen may vary, depending on the type of TV you’ve connected the camcorder to, and the  
connectors you used. To play back the highest quality videos from your camcorder, your TV set needs to 
support the “1920x1080” resolution. This HD camcorder supports both HDMI and component output for 
high-definition video playback.
•  Use the HDMI jack or the component jacks on your TV to connect the camcorder. For more information 
about the connectors and the connection methods, refer to your TV user manual.
•  This HD camcorder comes with a two-in-one component/AV cable that functions as a component and 
AV cable. If you use the component/AV cable, you must set the camcorder’s TV output correctly on the 
“Analog TV Out” menu.  page 103
Type A: Using an HDMI cable
Cable (Optional)
Signal flow
Type A: Using a MINI HDMI cable 
Turn on the camcorder and connect a Mini HDMI cable from the camcorder to the HDMI 
jack on TV.
•  When you connect your TV and camcorder using HDMI, the TV may not recognize the 
camcorder if the camcorder is turned off.
Turn on the TV and set the TV’s input selector to the Input connection your camcorder is 
connected to. Refer to the TV instruction manual for how to switch the TV input.
Understanding the HDMI cable:
HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a compact audio/video interface for transmitting 
uncompressed digital data.
The Anynet+ function  page 104
If you have used an HDMI cable to connect the camcorder to a Samsung TV that supports 
Anynet+, you can control the camcorder with the TV’s remote control. For more information about 
Anynet+ and the devices you can control, see an Anynet+ TV’s user manual or visit