Analog TV Out, Default Set

Touch the Menu (
)  Setting ( ) tab  “Analog TV Out.”
Touch a desired submenu item.
•  Check the TV type, connection jack, and the resolution of the 
recorded video before you choose the desired submenu item.
To exit the menu, touch the Exit ( ) or Return (
) tab.
Analog TV Out
You can set the component or composite video output to match the TV you have connected.
•  Using the Component/AV Cable provided with your camcorder, connect the camcorder to your TV. pages 118~120
•  This HD camcorder provides a two-in-one component/AV cable that works as both a component and 
AV (composite) cable. When using the component/AV cable, you must select the right camcorder output 
setting for the TV you have connected using the “Analog TV Out” menu.
•  The camcorder displays the Analog TV Out indicator only when the camcorder is connected to a TV.
•  For details on your TV’s specifications, refer to the user manual of the TV.
•  Even if “Analog TV Out” is set to “Component 480p,” the component video signal is output in the 
interlaced format if the resolution is set to 1080/60i.
•  When you set the resolution to 1080/60p, the camcorder cannot output to the camcorder's LCD 
screen and the TV simultaneously.
Touch the Menu (
)  Setting ( ) tab  “Default Set.”
•  A message appears asking for your confirmation.
Touch "Yes" if you want all the settings return to the default.
•  The Time Zone screen appears after all settings return to the default.
Set the date and time again. page 33
Default Set
You can restore all menu settings to the factory default conditions.
•  Do not turn off the power while using this function.
•  Initializing the HD camcorder settings to factory defaults does not affect recorded images.
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Submenu items
•  Component 1080p (
): The recorded file is output in the recorded video resolution and format, up to 1080p.
•  Component 1080i (
): The recorded file is output in the recorded video resolution and format, except for video 
files recorded in 1080/60p, which are output in 1080/60i.
•  Component 480p (
): The recorded file is output in the 720x480p (progressive) format. Use this setting only 
when connecting to a regular TV that supports progressive scan video at the SD (Standard Definition) level through 
the component (Y/Pb/Pr, AUDIO) jacks.
•  Component 480i (
): The recorded file is output in the 720x480i (interlaced) format. Use this setting only when 
connecting to a regular TV which only supports the SD (Standard Definition) format through the component (Y/Pb/
Pr, AUDIO) jacks.
•  Composite (
): The recorded file is output in the composite (SD, 480i) video format through the Component/AV 
cable (green, AUDIO). Use this setting only when connecting to the AV or composite jack of a regular TV.
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