system setting

system setting
Touch the Menu (
)   Setting ( ) tab   “Format.”
•  A message appears asking about formatting the memory 
Touch “Yes.”
•  The format is executed with a message.
•  Do not format the storage media on a PC or other device.
Make sure to format the storage media on this camcorder.
•  Format memory cards in the following cases:
-  If the memory card is new
-  If the memory card has been formatted on another device
-  If you have used the memory card to record on another device
-  If your camcorder cannot read the memory card
•  The camcorder cannot format a memory card with the protection tab set to lock.  page 113
•  If there is no storage media inserted, you cannot select. It will be dimmed in the menu.
•  Do not remove the recording medium or perform any other operation (such as turning off the 
power) during formatting. Also, be sure to use the provided AC adapter. The recording medium can 
be corrupted if the battery becomes exhausted and the camcorder shuts down during formatting.
•  If the recording medium becomes corrupted, format it again.
Use this function if you want to delete all files completely or correct problems on the storage media.
Formatting completely deletes all files and options on a memory card, including protected files. By deleting all 
files and options, formatting typically corrects problems, enabling stable speeds and operation. 
Be aware that all files and data including protected files will be erased.
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