printing photo images

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You can print photo images by inserting the DPOF setting card to a DPOF-compatible printer or connecting the HD 
camcorder to the PictBridge printer.
•  Print Mark (DPOF) can be set only on photo images stored in the memory card.
•  This function works only in Play mode. page 17
•  This HD camcorder is compatible with DPOF (Digital Print Order Format). You can 
set which images to be printed and the number of prints with this HD camcorder. 
This feature is useful to print with a DPOF-compatible printer or when bringing 
storage media to a photo lab for printing.
1.  Touch Photo (
) tab.
2.  Touch Menu (
) tab  Storage (
) tab  “Card.”
3.  Touch Menu (
) tab  “Print Mark (DPOF).”
4.  Touch the desired option tab on the screen (“Select,” “Set All” or “Reset All”).
•  “Select”: Print-marks individual images.
-  Touch images to select them for printing.
The ( ) indicator is displayed on the selected images.
Touching the photo thumbnail image toggles between the photo thumbnail 
image being selected for printing (the ( ) indicator appears on image) or 
not (the ( ) indicator is removed from image).
Touch OK (
) tab.
•  “Set All”: Print-marks all images.
-  Simply touch “Set All.”
•  “Reset All”: Removes the print mark.
-  Touch “Reset All.”
5.  The message according to the selected option will appear. Touch “Yes.”
•  This function operates identically in the full image display mode (single image 
displayed on the screen).
•  Print marked photo images will show the ( ) indicator when they are displayed.
•  The “Reset All” and “Set All” options may take a long time depending on the 
number of stored images.
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Print Mark (DPOF)
Print Mark (DPOF)
1 / 1
Set All
Reset All
1 / 1
Print Mark (DPOF)
You can set the number of prints in the single display view only.
Select the photo image to print in the single display mode, and touch Menu 
) tab  “Print Mark (DPOF)”  decrease (
) or increase (
) tab (select the 
number of printing). Up to 99 copies can be set to print of each image.
printing photo images