PLAYING MOVIE IMAGES, Adjusting the volume

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•  This function works only in Play Mode. page 17
•  You can find a desired movie image quickly using thumbnail index views.
•  You can also use the playback related buttons on the remote control. page 40
1.  Slide the POWER switch downward to turn on the power and press the MODE 
button to set Play (
•  Set the appropriate storage media. (SC-HMX10A/HMX10C/HMX10CN/
HMX10ED only) page 26
(If you want to play from a memory card, insert the memory card.)
2.  Touch Movie (
) tab.
•  The thumbnail index view appears.
•  To change the current thumbnail page, touch up (
) or down (
) tab.
3.  Touch a desired movie image.
•  The selected movie image is played according to Play Option setting. 
page 64
•  Drag your finger from left to right to select the previous image on the LCD 
screen, reverse to select the next image.
•  To stop playback and return to thumbnail index view, touch Return (
) tab.
•  The play related tabs disappear on the screen a few seconds after the 
image plays back. They reappear when you touch any point on the 
•  Depending on the amount of data to be played back, it may take some 
time for the playback images to appear.
•  Movies edited on a PC may not be displayed on this HD camcorder.
•  Movies recorded on another camcorder cannot be played on this HD 
•  The play is paused when you touch the menu (
) tab during playing.
Adjusting the volume
•  Touch Volume (
) tab on the LCD screen.
-  You can control the volume by using decrease (
) or increase (
) tab on 
the LCD screen.
-  The level can be adjusted anywhere between 00 and 19.
-  You can do the same operation by using the remote control. (  /  )
•  You can hear the recorded sound from the built-in speaker.
•  If you close the LCD screen while playing, you will not hear the sound 
from the speaker.
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