CHARGING THE BATTERY PACK, Inserting the battery pack

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•  Use the IA-BP85ST battery pack only.
•  The battery pack may be charged a little at the time of purchase.
•  Be sure to charge the battery pack before you start using your HD camcorder.
Inserting the battery pack
1.  Slide and open the battery pack cover as shown in the figure.
2.  Insert the battery pack into the battery pack slot until it softly 
•  Make sure that word mark (SAMSUNG) is facing down while 
the camcorder is placed as shown in the figure.
3.  Slide and close the battery pack cover.
Charging the battery pack
1.  Slide the POWER switch downward to turn off the power.
2.  Open the DC IN jack cover and connect the AC power adaptor to 
the DC IN jack.
3.  Connect the AC power adaptor to a wall socket.
4.  Once charged, disconnect the AC power adaptor from the DC IN 
jack on your HD camcorder.
•  Even with the power switched off, the battery pack will still 
discharge if it is left inserted in the HD camcorder.
•  You can also charge with the cradle. page 11
•  It is recommended you purchase one or more additional battery packs to allow continuous use of your HD 
Use only Samsung-approved battery packs. Do not use batteries from other manufacturers.
Otherwise, there is a danger of overheating, fire or explosion.
Samsung is not responsible for problems occurring due to using unapproved batteries.